Month: August 2019

Single credit mutual investment funds, our opinion

In this post we will analyze the Single Credit mutual investment funds offer. Undoubtedly a wide and varied offer with interesting possibilities of profit and return. Obviously, Single Credit Mutual Funds, like other mutual funds, are collective assets made up of the capital paid by individual investors, each of which holds a number of shares Read More

Goodpenny Bank loans: practical guide

Goodpenny is not only synonymous with reputation and brand awareness in the large- scale retail sector but is also a well-known player in the credit and financing market . It is not just products that can be ascribed to and referable to the consumer credit market, but Goodpenny Bank manages to be a strong player Read More

Calculator of what you earn on your property – Payday Loan Consolidation

If you are in the housing market for a long time, it is also possible that you will accumulate a large housing wealth. With this calculator you get an approx. figures on how much housing wealth you accumulate, with realistic assumptions. All the numbers you enter should be in today’s monetary value. Enter the value Read More